My Life To-Do List

Know what I love?  LISTS.  L.I.S.T.S.  Know what else I love?  Crossing things off of my list!

One of the things I want to share and maintain with this blog is my "life list" - that is, my to-do list of things I would like to try, experience, enjoy, and share before I leave this great big Earth.  Here is my comprehensive list, always subject to change, and includes what I have already accomplished!  Not only does writing, adding, and editing this list bring me great joy, the anticipation of these experiences also makes me excited . . . to be alive.  So much potential, so much to do!

In no particular order:
  1. Wear a large hat at the Kentucky Derby
  2. Do a two-finger whistle for a taxicab
  3. Go dog sledding
  4. Safari in Africa
  5. Scuba dive
  6. See the salmon run in Alaska
  7. Ride a camel in the desert
  8. See the Pyramids at sunset
  9. Learn to tango
  10. Live in a house with a window seat
  11. Own a room with a view
  12. Officially cross the Canadian border
  13. Have a croissant at a French cafe
  14. Visit the Isle of Capri
  15. Take a road trip across the U.S.
  16. Open a Swiss bank account in Switzerland
  17. Set foot in all fifty States:  Alabama  Alaska  Arizona   Arkansas  California   Colorado  Connecticut   Delaware   Florida  Georgia   Hawai'i    Idaho  Illinois   Indiana  Iowa   Kansas Kentucky  Louisana  Maine Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan Minnesota     Missouri   Montana    Nebraska   Nevada New Hampshire   New Jersey   New Mexico    New York    North Carolina      North Dakota   Ohio  Oklahoma  Oregon   Pennsylvania   Rhode Island   South Carolina   South Dakota   Tennessee Texas   Utah   Vermont   Virginia   Washington   West Virginia  Wisconsin  Wyoming                
  18. Stand atop the Great Wall of China
  19. Visit the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum in China
  20. Stand inside the Taj Mahal
  21. Do two pull ups
  22. Take Rose and Lily camping
  23. Do a "10 Things You Don't Know About Women" feature for Esquire
  24. Attend TED
  25. Have a portrait of myself done
  26. Swim with bioluminescent plankton
  27. Use my work to improve lives
  28. Form a workplace with people I love
  29. Make my own list of the hundred best things to eat
  30. Watch Rose eat her first ice cream cone
  31. Watch Lily eat her first ice cream cone 
  32. Own land
  33. Throw a block party
  34. Write a million dollar check to a charity
  35. Sip lemonade on a front porch swing on a warm summer night
  36. Buy a stock on my own
  37. Have a big wedding anniversary party
  38. Dinner at the French Laundry
  39. Finish Rose's baby book
  40. Finish Rose's first birthday celebration book
  41. Start and finish Lily's baby book
  42. Start and finish Lily's first birthday celebration book
  43. Christen a boat
  44. Have a family portrait taken
  45. See a glacier in Alaska
  46. Live in another country for a year
  47. Wear a sequined bikini to Carnival
  48. Live in Hawai'i for at least a year
  49. Learn to surf
  50. Sleep in a treehouse
  51. Take a drawing class
  52. Design a mini golf course
  53. Throw 100 parties:  1. 2007 Farber-Lau BBQ 2. 2008 Farber-Lau BBQ 3. 2009 Farber-Lau BBQ 4. 2010 Farber-Lau BBQ  5. Rich's Surprise 40th Birthday Party  6. Rose's first birthday party   7.  Farber-Lau BBQ 2011 8. Lily's Red Egg and Ginger Party and BBQ 2012  9.  Rose's third birthday party 2013 10. Lily's first birthday party 2013  11.  Farber-Lau BBQ 2013 12. Rose's fourth birthday party 2014 13.  Farber-Lau BBQ 2014   14. Asian Fusion Dinner on behalf of Teenwise 15. Farber-Lau BBQ 2015 16. Asian Fusion Dinner on behalf of Teenwise - 2016 17. Farber-Lau BBQ 2016 18. Farber-Lau BBQ and Housewarming Party 2017
  54. Make a wedding album
  55. Create an office that inspires me
  56. Start an annual event (Farber-Lau BBQ!)
  57. Movie night on the patio on a summer's night
  58. Swim in the Indian Ocean
  59. Contemplate life in a Japanese tea ceremony
  60. Smoke a cigar in Cuba
  61. Catch a ball in the stands of a major league baseball stadium
  62. Attend the Olympics - both Winter and Summer
  63. Read Thoreau while drifting in a canoe at Walden Pond
  64. Ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Asia
  65. Plant a tree
  66. Swim with a honu
  67. Throw a huge party and invite every one of my friends
  68. Visit Stonehenge
  69. Sing along with U2 in concert
  70. View the Mona Lisa in person
  71. Ride in a gondola in Venice
  72. Ride on the top of a double decker bus in England
  73. Go on a bike ride with Rich and Rose and Lily
  74. Snowmobile
  75. Attend the Oprah show  (Well, as of 2011, this one is a little more difficult to accomplish!)  
  76. Finish the basement
  77. Take a sewing class
  78. Tile the laundry room floor
  79. Create a master suite
  80. Buy a sewing machine
  81. Make a quilt
  82. Raise a family of happy healthy kids
  83. Enter something into the MN State Fair
  84. Travel to a new place every year: 2010 - the maternity ward! 2011 - Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA; 2012 - the Mandarin Oriental in DC; 2013 - Seattle, WA (ok, it was only the airport on our way through to Honolulu in March 2013.  I'm NOT happy about this one, and I vow to make up for it in 2014); 2014 -Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, NC; Fredericksburg, VA; 2015 - Cass Lake, MN; Lake Itasca, MN (Headwaters of the Mississippi); 2016 - San Antonio, TX
  85. Take a trip by train
  86. Learn Cantonese
  87. Whitewater raft the Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon
  88. Learn Spanish
  89. Run a marathon
  90. Complete a triathlon (August 14, 2016 - the YWCA Women's Triathlon at Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis, MN!)
  91. Pay off all of my debt
  92. Travel to Paris
  93. Travel to southern France
  94. Travel to Greece
  95. Attend Harvard
  96. Teach a college course
  97. Eat at the best restaurants in the world:  
  98. Bath in Ganges
  99. Visit the Rosslyn Chapel
  100. For one year, surround myself with flowers
  101. Be a "regular" at a coffee shop (or a restaurant), and be able to order my "usual"
  102. Open and run my own business
  103. Run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon
  104. Rent a private island
  105. Attend the TPIR with Carolyn
  106. Float a lantern at the Floating Lantern Hawaii ceremony in Honolulu (in May) 
  107. Cook all the recipes in one cookbook
  108. Take Rose and Lily to the Eloise high tea at the Palm Court
  109. Attend the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Hawai'i
  110. Participate in the Diner En Blanc event in France
  111. Watch the Eddie Would Go Surf Invitational at Waimea Bay
  112. Drive a horse-drawn wagon or carriage.
  113. Live in a house with a secret door or passageway.
  114. Attend Bloemenscorso Zundert in the Netherlands (first Sunday each September).
  115. Make a pilgrimage to Seneca Falls and to Susan B. Anthony's grave.