March 21, 2011

More Joy - Welcome

Once asked (by a Buddhist life coach, of course) if I was afraid of being happy, I instantly replied that I was not afraid of being happy; my dilemma was how to increase the amount of happiness in my life. 

From there, I realized that my purpose, my life goal, my raison d’etre (if you would be so kind) was to be joyful.  I believe that how we are and what we think creates the world around us.  When I said the words out loud, that I wanted to create more happiness in life, something clicked.  My heart and brain said, “Aha!” There it is.    

For those of you who know me, I am not always a bubbly, happy-go-lucky kind of woman:  I am often judgmental and picky.  I can be indecisive and decidedly crabby.  And yet, I feel so strongly drawn towards finding those things, experiences, people, everything and anything  that will make me laugh, sigh, sparkle, and feel warm inside.  When I laugh out loud, it makes the world a better place. 

My mission is to seek out what brings me joy.  Books.  Babies, especially Rose.  Flowers.  Octopi.  Sushi.   Yellow curry.  Hugs.  Blue cheese dressing.  Being right.  Moving my body.  Brunch.  Warming up my feet on Rich.  Semicolons.  And (this is where you come in) making others happy, too.            

So there you are.  Please come along and visit.  Maybe this blog will spark joy in you.  Even on your crankiest day.