July 30, 2012

Dear Lily (Three Months) and Dear Rose (Thirty Months)

Dear Lily and Dear Rose,

What a wonderful month!  July was full of delightful experiences, lots of love and lots of laughs!  Lily, you are now 13 lbs., 2 oz.  Growing so big and strong!

At the beginning of the month, we traveled to Dubuque, IA to see lots of family.  We stayed at Grandma Jan's house and had a lot of fun all camped out!  Rose, you and I shared a big air mattress together, while Daddy slept in the bed and Lily in her bassinet.  Rose, you would wiggle around at night and put your head on my pillow.  While it was nice to hear you breathe, there were many moments when you would kick me!  Everyone enjoyed seeing you both and spending time with us!

It was incredibly hot and humid during our trip to Iowa, too, so we spent a lot of time indoors.  We did make a trip to the National River Aquarium and Museum, and spent lots of time with Grandpa Barry, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Chris, Aunt Lisa, and cousin Jake.  Aunt Sarah came for a visit too, and we saw Uncle Joe and Aunt Katie and cousin Lucia before they left to go visit Aunt Katie's parents.

One of the highlights was playing in the "sprinkler" that Grandpa Dewey rigged together - the hose turned upside down, propped up against two bricks and set to a gentle spray.  Rose, you were a little nervous about this at first, but when Dad and I ran through it with you, you became a big fan!  Lily sat with Grandpa Dewey and watched us run through!  The ice cream truck came by and we all had a tasty snack!  Uncle Chris and Aunt Lisa and cousin Jake brought up their inflatable pool and we loved sitting in it, cooling off.  Even Aunt Sarah joined us!

After we came back to Minnesota, the fun continued.  We celebrated Bastille Day with some french food on an outdoor patio; Lily and Mama visited food trucks with our friend Ross; and Rose, Lily, Mama and Aunt Sarah went to a very cool splash pad!

Rose, you had your very first dance class.  You wear a little pink dress with a floaty piece covering your midsection and bottom and big girl ballet shoes.  You love the shoes!  Your first dance class, you were a little unsure of what was going on.  The other girls danced and you carefully observed them.  I am so proud of you for just going and being in the room and trying something new!

We had a play date with Eva, and Elisabeth and Evan, and Grant, too.  We went to story time at the library, and played at a gymnastics gym.  Rose, you were able to try out all of the different elements - you played on the parallel bars, jumped off of a balance bar into the foam pit, and bounced on a trampoline.  We've been busy and have had a ton of fun!

The summer Olympics in London, England started a few days ago and we (well, Daddy and I) are enthralled, as is the rest of the world.  Rose, the Olympics holds your attention for a few minutes and you point to the TV and say "water" and "pool" during swimming, but you would much prefer if we would turn on your beloved Caillou.

Lily, you have begun to laugh hysterically at random things, which is so beautiful!  Rose, you are speaking a lot more and it is wonderful to hear your voice and your observations about the world.  Mama's heart is so full of love and joy with the two of you, it couldn't be any better!

We are looking forward to August now.  More dance classes, a visit from Uncle Luther, Lily's Red Egg and Ginger party, and the state fair!

I love you both very much and look forward to the spending more time with you both!

All my love,

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