August 29, 2011

Dear Rose - 19 months

Dear Rose,

My little snugglebun!  What a great month we have had!  We returned from our Hawaiian adventure, recovered from the jet lag, and have enjoyed the last part of August.

On the first weekend in August, we held our annual Farber-Lau BBQ!  Lots of friends, family, and neighbors came to enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon, and we ate delicious food, hung out on the hammock, and talked to everyone.  You had a fun time, running around with all of the other kids, and eating yourself silly.     

You have more words now; my favorite one is cheese!  You say it like this, "cheeeeeeeeeze" and get so excited whenever we offer you some.  You are also saying "shoe" and "doggie".  Tonight we went to the park and you said "play!" very clearly.  We have spent some time on the front porch, too, with the sidewalk chalk and bubbles.  You are learning how to blow bubbles, but they mostly drip on to you!
We have been spending more time in water together, too.  You are sometimes nervous in the water, but it appears that each time we go to the pool, or hang out in the "warm" tub, you become more confident.  We are signed up for swim lessons this fall, Rose!  I hope that you learn to enjoy the water, and how to be safe around it.  The water can be so much fun to play in!  I want you to feel comfortable and confident around it and in it. 

You and I went to Como Zoo and Park and had a great time visiting all the animals.  It was the first time I recall you actually noticing the animals, pointing, talking about them, and showing your excitement to see them.  After the zoo, we went over to the Como Town, where they have rides and you rode the little cars - twice! and the tea cups, too.  At first, you were not sure what to make of this thing, but then, once it started, you were smiling and enjoying the ride.

Sweet Rose, let's enjoy this fall - the fair is coming up, and apple picking, and lots of fun!
All my love,

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