April 21, 2011

Dear Rose - 15 months

Dear Rose,
You are now 15 months old.  No longer my darling little baby, you are now my sweet toddler.  A walking, babbling, curious, into-everything Rosezilla!  We love seeing you so excited about everything, wanting to explore, to open and close things, to take things out and put them back. 

Your fifth tooth has appeared.  I wish that teething would be a little less painful and a little faster for you.  There are some nights were you really seem to struggle with it, but Dad and I are always there to hold you and comfort you, even when you are drooling and chewing on everything in sight!  You understand the theory of brushing your teeth, putting on lotion, using silverware, although actually doing those things you still need lots and lots of practice!

You are IN LOVE with the neighborhood playground, especially the swings and exploring the jungle gym!

You got your first haircut last month too. Your little pixie cut really compliments your round little face and you definitely prefer not having your hair in your eyes!

Unfortunately, Rose, you have had several incidents at school – you’ve been bitten twice! And have fallen down several times as you’ve been running and playing.   You are still learning about how your body moves and each day you seem to grow in confidence and get better at having your legs, arms, feet, hands, and fingers do what you want them to do!  Next month, you will begin the transition to the Toddler Room.  We are excited for you to be in a bigger room, with MORE toys. 

Your world is ever-expanding Rose and I love how you are excited to explore, yet want to make sure that Mom and Dad are nearby for those reassuring hugs.
We love you so much, Rose!  Let's go learn about this big, big world together!
All my love, Mama 

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  1. Heather, you and Rich are the best parents in the world! I pray that Rose will always recognize and acknowledge what cool parents she has. She is blessed!