April 6, 2011

This is Where You Might Possibly Benefit

I work for the Federal government.  For those of you with a radio or an internet connection, you are most likely aware of the current budget situation.  We appear to be moving towards a government shutdown which means that I will be not working, along with a very significant number of Americans.  I'm trying to think positive about this situation:  it's a gift of time, right?  Rose and I can do fun things together! (MN Children's Musuem!) I can go to the gym and hang out with the SAHMs!  I can write that business plan I keep meaning to get too!  Finish a knitting project!  Bake some bread!  Have lunch with Rich!  (Urban Olive and Vine)  Meditate!  Try out a new recipe!  (Shortcake's Green Onion Dressing Salad!)  Blog more, including photos of Rose!

So, internet friends, if Congress doesn't pass any sort of budget measure you might be the beneficiary.  So, make me feel better about this situation and tell me that you are looking forward to it, please!   

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