April 14, 2011

I Like to Move It

Today I got up early (feet hit the floor at 5:30 am!) and worked out at the gym before going to work.   I feel very proud of myself for accomplishing this task and still feel great from my workout.   A+!  Gold stars for everyone!   

I don’t know why I put off exercising.  Sure, I can attribute some of it to having a toddler (can you say teething really bites? Hah! But seriously, I am so glad we don’t remember our teeth coming in, it’s such a painful, long process) and just the reality of life.  Yet, exercising is such a great thing – and simply, I just feel so much better when I move my body.  Those endorphins are full of joy. 

Intellectually, I know why I should exercise.  It keeps me healthy by helping my heart and lungs and brain be more efficient; it reduces the risk of hypertension, the risk for diabetes, and all of those other nasty, yucky things that could possibly occur.  Research continually touts it as the fountain of youth.  Can Exercise Keep You Young?

Honestly, my true reason to exercise and stay healthy is that I want to dance at Rose’s wedding.  Full on, shakin' it, joy-FULL, celebrating-love-dancing.
I want to be there for her as she grows, living the example of how strong, joyful women take care of themselves and those they love.  I want to welcome my grandchildren with strong, open arms.  What is more important than these things to come? 

But even with these beautiful motivations, I let the excuses pile up and honestly, in that moment, it is easier to snooze a few minutes longer in bed, or check my e-mail, watch some TV, WHATEVER before moving it.  I think we’ve all been there.  And especially for those of us with young children, and full-time jobs, and THINGS TO DO, it’s easy to let just this one day slip. And one more day. . . and so it goes.     

My secret to just doing it is that accountability piece.  When I feel like someone checks in with me, I’m more likely to show up and get the work done.  So, every once in a while, I reach out and ask for that support, but not continually, because I wouldn’t want to impose.  I’m a nice girl, and wouldn’t want to bother you because I know that we’re all busy.    

Then again, this is my health and my future we’re talking about, (and YOUR health and YOUR future, too!) so maybe asking for that help is more important than I think.  Maybe you wouldn’t mind to ask me if I got my tush to the gym, because you are so proud of me when I do it.  And maybe YOU need a workout friend, too, so I can ask you if you've moved your glutes recently too. 

I am curious to know your thoughts and motivations for moving it.  Is there a way to support each other on our this journey?      

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