June 19, 2011

Dear Rose - 17 months

Dear Rose,

You are now 17 months old.  A big, wonderful, curious, powerful shining light of joy!
Summer has arrived finally in Minnesota and we are having a ball enjoying the warm weather!  It also means that the hammock is out in the yard and you LOVE it so - lounging around with us, swinging in it, and crawling back and forth in it.  We love that you enjoy it so much!

 We've been exploring different parks and you are enjoying them too.  This photo of you amazes me - you look like such a big girl!
 Summer time also means ice cream! 
 And melon!  Lots of honeydew and watermelon.  You eat them up so fast.  It is not unusual for you to eat half of a honeydew by yourself!  Your appetite continues to astound us:  we've watched you eat two hot dogs in one sitting, too! 

 You mimic us a lot now, too, Rose.  You are so observant, and try to do what we do.  You talk on the phone, you like to push the buttons on our laptops, and one day, you were out with Dad at the store and you insisted on handing the cashier the credit card, and taking the pen to sign the receipt! 
 You love slides! And swings!  And just being outside.  We love it with you too. 

Teething still continues, too.  You had a rough bout a few weeks ago - two of your molars came in and you were again miserable, drooling, chewing on everything.  You are now up to 8 teeth, though!

Oh, Rose, how can we slow down time?  You are so big, so smart, and growing so fast.  I try to take each day and savor every moment with you.  It seems just like yesterday you were a little wiggly baby, and now . . . now, you are my big toddler.  You are so in love with the world, and I am so in love with you, Rose!

All my love,

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