June 2, 2011

Moments of Gratitude

"Gratitude is the better part of joy."  -- Oprah Winfrey

So today has been filled with moments of gratitude. 

Moment #1:  I wrote an e-mail today that was a little, ah, snotty.  I paused before hitting send, and had an uneasy feeling.  So, I revised it.  And, thank you, Universe for watching out for me; if I had sent the original e-mail, there would have been a BIG mess.  Lesson learned?  Listen to your gut.

Moment #2:  I rode my bike, with the trailer, to Rose's montessori to pick her up this afternoon.  When I got there, Rose's teachers apologized for how dirty she was - again.  Rose likes to play in the dirt.  And I replied that it was fine!  I said a little thank you for a place that Rose loves to be, and allows her to explore fully, without worry of how messy she might  will end up.

Can you see the mess?  I love this! 

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