July 24, 2011

Dear Rose - 18 months

Dear Rose,
Today you are 18 months old.  18 MONTHS OLD.  You have been with us for a year and half!  Amazing.  I was just telling Uncle Luther last night that one year ago, you were just beginning to sit up by yourself.  And now, you are a walking, running, whirling, talking, screeching, laughing, giggling, tiptoeing delight.
Behold you in the sink/tub at 6.5 months old (above) and you in all of your rolling-around-on-the-floor-18-months-old-glory (below). 
Oh, Rose.  What a month you have had!  We traveled to Hawai'i and you had a nice time visiting your Ni-Ni  and Uncle Luther.  We were able to see lots of other family and friends and it was a wonderful trip.  You survived TWO epic travel days (each about 23 hours long!) in order to get to Hawai'i and back, so you are becoming a very seasoned traveler, for someone so young.  Daddy and I are very proud of you.  I hope that as you grow up you enjoy traveling and seeing the world.  Daddy and I promise to do our best to share with you wonderful, delightful places, and to create happy memories with you around the world.

You are talking a bit more, Rose, uttering random and various words "Hi" "Bye" "Water."  You continue to babble at us, as if you are telling a very long, detailed story.  We find it infinitely adorable.
 Our friend Mairi from Canada came to visit us over the fourth of July weekend.  We loved taking her to our favorite spots in the Cities, and you enjoyed visiting the Sculpture Garden at the Walker.

Your love affairs with slides and melons continues. 

Oh my sweet Rose, curious, strong, smart, opinionated, nibb-able, Rose!  What fun will we have this new month?  I look forward to our upcoming adventures!

All my love,

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