July 6, 2011

CSA Bounty o' Goodness Rounds 3 & 4

We've been busy making preparations for our trip to Hawai'i, so I've neglected to update you on the goodies we've received from Eener's Farm.  Our third batch arrived and we received more leaf lettuce, spinach, green onions, and more garlic scapes.  We also received some salad turnips (which really resemble radishes).  We most enjoyed this batch in salads. 

Our fourth delivery was very very green.  We received some collard greens, leaf lettuce, a type of turnip that only grows the green tops (called Seven Tops), and the most exciting yet:  broccoli and pea pods!  
We enjoyed some of this in a salad, and I even stir-fried up some of the pea pods and broccoli (and some of the garlic scapes from last week) with some onion, sweet peppers, fresh rice noodles and a little thai flavorings.  Delicious.

A few thoughts:  I have really enjoyed receiving our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shipment every week and it has really encouraged us to eat more fresh vegetables.  Our meals are more local, and we feel great from supporting a local family farm, too.

We leave for Hawai'i on Sunday, y'all, so our CSA deliveries will be on hold until we return.  This also means that our delivery the Monday after we return will hold 3 WEEKS WORTH OF PRODUCE.  I am alternately excited about this and scared that my body might implode from all that fiber.  (Not to mention what it might do to Rose's digestive system!  Hee!)

Ok.  More about Hawai'i preparations to come in future posts, too!

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